10 Tips from a person who has lost 70 kg of weight

Joe Bernstein is a personal trainer. At the age of 25, he weighed 154 kilograms.
He says dieting did not give him good results.
However, due to some of the habits he followed to lose weight, he was finally able to lose his weight significantly.
He is currently providing advice and training for other people to lead a healthier life.
Below are some of the tips he gives you.

Tip No 1 . Avoid high calorie beverages.

Stay away from drinks like soda, juice and sweet tea as much as possible.
Doing so will help you lose about 22 pounds in three months.
Some people inadvertently consume about 2000 calories a day.

Tip No 2 . Avoid ready-made foods.

It is much healthier to consume home-cooked food than to buy it in stores.

Tip No 3 . Ride a bicycle

This will give your body a good workout and save you time.
You can use that time for other exercise as well as healthy eating.

Tip No 4 . Learn to cook delicious food.

Learn how to prepare healthy and wholesome foods from the internet,
books or programs rather than eating fast food. Give them a try.

Tip No 5 . Recognize the importance of natural foods.

Always choose local and fresh produce when buying groceries.

Tip No 6 . Have a pet dog.

Make it a habit to walk a short distance with your dog every morning.
It greatly enhances your metabolism and increases the activity of the brain.

Tip No 7 . Buy organic food products.

Make it a habit to be concerned about the high quality of the food you buy.
Food products labeled ‘GMO free’, ‘organic product’ etc. will be convenient for you.

Tip No 8 . Pay more attention to the quality of the meat.

If you can add more vegetables and fruits to your daily diet, it will be more healthy.
Also nuts and grains, crop foods and legumes are very healthy.
When consuming meat, do not forget to take good care of their health and high quality.

Tip No 9 . Do not worry about broken bonds.

Joe started a new life after separating from his wife.
It is useless to grieve over and over again because of old things.
So think logically and think about the future of life. Your health is paramount.

Tip No 10 . Be well-prepared physically as well as mentally.

A balanced diet and exercise alone are not enough to prevent weight gain.
To do that, you need to change physically and mentally.
Forget about your old habits and follow good health habits that will lead to a healthier life.

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